We are Michigan House

Sure, we’re a house, but we’re so much more—a stage, a story, a home, a gallery, a movement, a purpose—and the list goes on.

We’re a roving pop-up space that travels from city to city to bring the best parts of Michigan to the rest of the world. We partner with what we believe are Michigan’s most dynamic organizations and individuals, and we let them tell their stories—whether it’s a brand, a product, a confession, a song, an idea, a mission, a meal, or a piece of art, Michigan House provides an interactive platform to show people what Michigan’s all about.

An experiment in collaboration and design, Michigan House seeks out vital cultural events and locations where we can transport this living, breathing experience of an authentic Michigan that boldly defies Rust Belt expectations.



Michigan House is spearheaded by Creative Many Michigan, the statewide organization focused on developing creative people, creative places and the creative economy for a competitve Michigan. Through research, advocacy, professional practice programs and communications Creative Many advances the unique power of the arts, creativity and design in the state of Michigan (www.creativemany.org)

Michigan House sponsors join a community of artists, organizations and companies united in their support for the state’s creative industires. they understand that a creative michigan is a dynamic michigan. it’s a forward looking group that wants to step outside the echo chamber in hopes of learning, inspiring and connecting.


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